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As an organization that values the role culture and sports play in enhancing our quality of life, it is a great honour for Transcripta to sponsor both the Marsaskala Sports Club, and the Valletta Film Festival. Although the skills required to reach a high level in filmmaking and sports may differ, the commitment to excellence, and dedication to one’s craft are attributes which Transcripta is keenly aware of, and which people from all walks of life can certainly appreciate and relate to.

Valletta Film Festival 2018

While Transcripta has in past years been entrusted with the sponsorship of the Valletta Film Festival, this responsibility is arguably even more significant this year. As the historic city of Valletta basks in the limelight, courtesy of its status of European Capital of Culture, this presents a golden opportunity for screen artists to showcase their talent.

Over the years, this popular festival has inspired countless people, growing in popularity to become into the highly anticipated event that it is today. During 2018, the Valletta Film Festival will no doubt be a key player in enabling Malta’s small, yet unique and culturally rich capital city to once again truly rise to the occasion and showcase its true splendour for all to see.

Marsaskala Sports Club

Marsaskala Sports Club logo

As an island nation, perhaps it comes as little surprise that water sports are very popular in Malta, with water polo without a doubt one of the most popular. The town of Marsaskala, in particular, has a top-notch water polo team that has scored several spectacular achievements in recent years, all thanks to the passion and discipline instilled in the players during their training at the local sports club.

Without a shadow of doubt, the contribution that nurseries and clubs such as that run by the Marsaskala Sports Club cannot be understated. By sponsoring both the senior team, and the nursery, Transcripta wants to send a clear signal of its commitment to the development and growth of water polo in Malta, as well as its recognition of the importance that sports plays in developing and maintaining a healthy mind and body, and living a healthy lifestyle in general.

Buildings Bridges, Connecting People

Translating from one language to another enables effective communication and aids in breaking down barriers. Art and sport also help dismantle barriers by reminding us how people from all over the world can connect over their shared appreciation of a moving scene in film, or the excitement of a passing sequence that leads to a goal in a game of water polo.

By sponsoring the Valletta Film Festival and the Marsaskala Sports Club, Transcripta continues to reaffirm its commitment to promote mutual understanding through culture and sports in the Maltese islands.