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Expert language consultancy

Transcripta provides expert language consultancy for professional, academic and diplomatic settings, including cultural mediation, dubbing or subtitling of multimedia, as well as content creation and transcreation.

Text polishing and finalisation

Besides translating documents, our team also offers a range of follow-up services that can further refine your material before it is released to the intended audience. Our language experts provide proofreading and editing services of translated texts, as well as stylistic and formatting reviews, to ensure a consistently professional impression page after page.

Multimedia and transcreation services

We can help organisations extend the reach of their multimedia content to different linguistic communities thanks to professional dubbing and subtitling services. We handle transcription and translation of videos, adverts, TV and radio features, interviews and presentations.

Content creation and transcreation services are also available for companies running global and multilingual marketing campaigns. Our professional copywriters and translators prepare unique content that captures the spirit and style of the original collateral while adapting it to different languages, cultures, and local marketplaces.

Cultural mediation

Language experts and translators can play a pivotal role in assisting with the integration of people in a new community through the delivery of tailored language courses and cultural integration courses. This is especially important for migrants, who may require specialised support to mediate the linguistic and cultural differences of their new environment. Our professionals help individuals gain the knowledge and skills they need to enter the workforce and engage more confidently with society.

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