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Transcripta provides the services of professional native interpreters to assist in business meetings and conferences, weddings and other private functions, or at events where multiple languages are spoken.

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Interpreting differs from our usual translation services because interpreters work with the spoken language. Unlike the written word, oral communication requires an intimate knowledge of the cultural backgrounds of both the speaker and the receiver, in order to preserve and properly convey nuances such as register or tone, and idiomatic or slang expressions.

Languages use different methods to signal different shades of meaning in a message, with the relative prominence and complexity of these methods varying widely from one language to another. While certain languages may use specific words or phrases used to indicate a certain tone, others rely entirely on contextual cues.

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A professional interpreter can quickly decipher explicit and implicit linguistic cues and find appropriate ways to express the same meaning in the target language. This process often needs to happen in real-time, such as with consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, where an interpreter has to deliver the message at the same time as the speaker does or during a brief pause.

Our interpreters may also provide sight interpretation service, whereby a spoken version of written material is delivered in a different language than that of the source text. This can be useful for letters and personal correspondence.

Ensure accurate and respectful communication

No matter which type of interpreting service you choose, Transcripta will provide you with qualified and experienced linguists and native speakers, who not only understand the subject matter to deliver accurate renditions of the interlocutor’s speech, but also convey the broader meaning of their message while respecting cultural conventions.

Online Live Interpreting

In response to the Covid-19 epidemic, Transcripta has started offering live interpreting for web-based video conference calls, allowing people affected by the coronavirus outbreak to meet globally while speaking their language, even while under quarantine!

Our interpreters will join the participants on a live video call and provide real-time language interpretation, which enables non-native speakers to follow and intervene during a conference or presentation. This service is also ideal for interviews, company announcements and meetings, and online streaming events.

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