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The spoken word is beautiful but the spirit of the moment is hard to capture. As they say, verba volant, scripta manent — spoken words fly away while written words remain. That is why transcription services matter; we are not merely copying words, but also capturing the essence of what the speaker is communicating, so you can have a truly faithful representation.

Accurate and trustworthy

No matter what industry you are working in, our expert transcribers will write down faithfully the content of your audio and video files, documenting with accuracy the proceedings of important meetings, interviews or speeches.

More than just transcription

With our team of expert editors and translators, we can also edit your transcribed text to improve readability and translate it into any language you need.

Confidentiality guaranteed

From legal matters and court hearings to medical details, market research, financial matters and beyond, you can trust our team to keep things confidential. We believe privacy is non-negotiable, so you can rest assured that your projects are protected by strict confidentiality agreements.

Clear and faithful transcripts

Our transcripts are not just accurate and expertly produced, they are polished and presented according to your exact requirements too. Our team can work to any company specifications you might have, or work according to proven transcription methods depending on the nature of your recordings.

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