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Malta is an iGaming hotspot, and we have worked with some of the top iGaming companies in the industry, helping to make sure they stay at the top of their game locally and in the global market.

We deliver quality translation services to licensed iGaming operators in Malta – never compromising on quality and punctuality. Our iGaming translators know the industry inside out; terminology, regulations, dos and don’ts of marketing materials and relevant legal matters.

High-level quality control

From the start, we follow strict quality control measures so you can rest easy knowing that your content is in expert hands. We do not just translate your content, but localise it too; that means your organisation will be able to connect with your global audience better than ever before and make sure they are having the best possible customer experience before, during, and after their purchase or enquiry.

Quality guaranteed

From blog posts to online communications, promo content, and full website translations, our ISO 17100 certified procedures will leave you with the winning hand. These industry-recognised standards mean that you can depend on our translations and your customers can trust your product or service in the language they prefer.

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