Residency and citizenship

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When you are getting everything in order to apply for residency or citizenship status, time and accuracy are not negotiable. Transcripta offers certified legal translations of any documentation people may need for applications to various citizenship and residency programmes.

Expert document translation

Transcripta assists individuals and organisations with the translation of documents that must be commonly submitted with residency and citizenship applications, as well as work permits for international job-seekers. Our team can translate CVs, academic and professional certificates, as well as any other documentation required by our clients.

Certified and apostilled translations

Over the years, we have gained valuable experience about what it takes to prepare a certified or apostilled translation that meets the standards of public and official entities. Our experts have wide experience in translating and certifying residency documents including birth, death, and marriage certificates; naturalization documents; proof of residency and citizenship; as well as various forms of identification, and police conduct certificates.

Our translators are also fully trained to handle sensitive documents and contracts, such as property deeds, last will and testaments, terms of business and employment contracts, as well as judicial documents covering anything from court settlements and judgements, payment orders, divorce paperwork and inheritance certificates.

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