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The importance of high quality translations in the iGaming industry

November is when the eyes of the entire iGaming business turn to Malta. Two major gaming conferences take place just one week apart: the Malta iGaming Seminar (MiGS) and SiGMA, both highly regarded events by industry insiders.

Two annual appointments for the iGaming world

MiGS was held between the 7th and 9th November 2016 at the Hilton Hotel in St Julian’s. The longest-running gaming show organised locally, MiGS has built a prestigious reputation over the years as an event that targets mainly C-level executives, giving some of the most influential people in the industry a chance to talk shop in an intimate and relaxing setting.

SiGMA, hosted a week later at the nearby InterContinental Hotel, welcomed over 4,000 delegates working at every level of the industry, including vendors, operators, affiliates, and service providers. The larger conference in terms of size and scope, SiGMA has gone from strength to strength despite this being only the third year since its inception.

Never ones to shy away from the spotlight, Transcripta attended both shows.


Making the case for high quality translations in iGaming

Besides being excellent learning and networking opportunities, MiGS and SiGMA were also ideal venues for our team of lawyers, translators, and editors to share some linguistic knowledge with professionals working in an industry that is becoming increasingly interconnected.

The iGaming world depends on quality translations. Whether managing the stands or working the exhibition floor, our people were available to dispense expert answers for the pressing translation questions on everybody’s mind.

2016-11-17-12-38-22Localisation and translation of online content were hot topics at this year’s editions of MiGS and SiGMA. While mingling with the biggest names in the industry at the exhibition space, it became readily apparent that while everyone there understood the same language, gaming, they all spoke it in different ways.

Speaking your customer’s language puts the I in iGaming

MiGS and SiGMA always attract an international audience. You can hardly pass by a couple of stands without catching snippets of conversations in different languages, so it certainly helps to have a translator handy when you need to make an introduction.

If that situation sounds daunting, imagine what it would be like at an online casino lobby. Players from all over the globe are logging into your site, and they’re desperately looking for a tiny flag icon with their country’s colours to click on. So don’t let language barriers take the fun out of gaming, give your customers content that they can understand and that speaks directly to their needs.

Specialists within a niche translation market

iGaming translation is a highly specialised market. Transcripta occupies an even more exclusive niche within this market, since we issue legally certified translations for all languages.

That means we don’t simply meet the most obvious requirement of the translation process – using a speaker with native proficiency of the target language – we raise the bar even further by ensuring our translations are made in compliance with ISO 9001 and EN 15038 quality standards.

Our team of professional translators, proofreaders and editors make sure that information flows accurately and appropriately from one language to another; making localised communication your stepping stone to global success.