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As part of our corporate social responsibility programme, we are delighted to support the Valletta Film Festival (VFF).

The VFF was launched in 2015 by the Film Grain Foundation, a non-profit organisation established to foster appreciation for film. Together with other government agencies and public associations, it aims to strengthen Malta’s national film culture by organising a number of annual international events that promote new and progressive quality films and networking between film professionals and cultural entrepreneurs.

Through its open-air cinema concept, the VFF provides a window into a wealth of diverse cultures and languages, which dovetails perfectly with Transcripta’s mission as a multilingual interlocutor.

Through this strategic partnership, Transcripta manifests its commitment towards the arts and the promotion of Valletta as a thriving European cultural capital.

For more information about the Valletta Film Festival visit www.vallettafilmfestival.com.

valletta film fest