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May 21st is the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. This annual celebration of cultural diversity was launched by the United Nation General Assembly in 2002. Like most other celebrations, the day only serves to shift focus onto an important element that makes us human beings. In reality, diversity and the need for intercultural dialogue should be encouraged and celebrated every single day of the year.

How does Transcripta fit into all of this?

It is fair to assume that most people never really stopped to appreciate the power of language and dialogue. Understandably, we are so busy and distracted that we take communication for granted.

At Transcripta, we look at languages differently. After all, we’ve built a business around them.

Over the years, we have been engaged to carry out all sorts of translation and interpretation tasks, in Malta and abroad. We have read through thousands of pages and millions of words of text, each time analysing and defining the messages that one party wished to convey to another. It might sound simple, perhaps even easy, but it takes years of experience to attain the level of multicultural understanding necessary to complete such tasks effectively, without misunderstandings or omissions.

According to the UN, May 21st is a special day in which to remember the richness of the world’s cultures. It is truly awe-inspiring to witness dialects, traditions, and cultural identities almost as old as time itself. This is certainly part of our motivation to stay in this business. We are brokers of communication, helping an individual, enterprise, or government to carry out dialogue with a foreign entity.

Implement the values of May 21st into your operations

Whether you work in an enterprise or are part of a governmental or non-governmental organisation, you likely deal with different cultures regularly. Malta itself has been a melting pot of civilisations for millennia and continues to welcome diverse cultures to this day. In order to succeed in achieving effective dialogue, particularly in key moments of negotiation or implementation, it helps to have competent and experienced communication specialists.

Transcripta can help you develop agreements and other official documents which could be used for intercultural relationships. Our team of experts will guide you towards identifying the most appropriate channel and tone of communication, along with providing necessary translations and interpretations.

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