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Transcripta has successfully achieved renewal of its certification under the ISO-9001 and EN-15038 quality standards. These certificates ensure strict compliance with a detailed set of quality assurance procedures, including recruitment, job processing and quality control measures.

While many translation providers make vague promises of ‘high quality’, this can only be guaranteed through EN15038 certification. This is a European quality standard specific to translation services which guarantees a documented process and a standardized approach.

EN15038:2006 in a nutshell

The EN 15038 standard was established by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in 2006. This was the first international quality standard which defines specific criteria for quality translation services. It standardizes quality requirements for translations services by establishing common procedures for the entire workflow — from acceptance of an order to final delivery. These standardized requirements consist in three main components:

1. Qualified Translators and Revisers

All translators must have proven mastery of the languages from and into which they translate. This implies high proficiency with the relevant terminology, grammar, style, cultural context and subject matter. This expertise must be backed up by a University Degree and a minimum of two years’ translation experience.

2. Translation and Revision carried out by Two Independent Professionals

The ”four eyes principle” guarantees and independent second check of all translated texts. For some jobs of a highly technical or sensitive nature, we even go a step further by having a third-party review as described in the EN 15038 standard. This ensures a multi-tiered quality assurance procedure to provide you with a publication-ready professional translation.

3. Documented Standard Operating Procedures

Each step within the translation workflow is immediately traceable thanks to documented standard procedures. This is facilitated by state-of-the-art project management tools which ensure strict compliance with the quality requirements of EN 15038 at every step of the procedure. This includes detailed documentation of client feedback, internal evaluations, recruitment and testing, source text analysis, terminology work and compliance with the applicable style guides.