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The need for contactless translation services in Malta and abroad has increased in 2020. In a world which is more connected than ever, and where you can get physical goods delivered from across the world in under 48 hours, Transcripta is shattering its own records with faster, contactless translation services.

For better or worse, Covid-19 has shown us how life can carry on without physical interaction, or at least, with far less of it than we are used to. Inspired by government advice and the lead taken by larger corporations, businesses of all sizes have shifted their workforce to a completely online environment. The need to stay safe has, to a certain extent, trumped the need to interact in person. However, as we soon found out, the pandemic was not going to stop business or personal goals.

Shifting your business online

One of the immediate effects of lockdowns was an online migration of businesses not seen since the dot-com age. With physical stores forced to shut, businesses who had never ventured online are suddenly forced to transform their operations and cater to a virtual market. Designing a website that looks great and is functional is important, but is of little use if users cannot understand it.

The default language of any Maltese commercial website is English. This makes sense, since the majority of the population, including expats, understand it to varying degrees. However, depending on your target market, providing alternative languages, such as Maltese itself, Russian, Portuguese, or Italian, could help you stand out from a mono-lingual market. Better still, you will show them that you truly cater to their needs, since Transcripta does not only translate text but adapts it to the appropriate cultural norm.

Opening a Bank Account

In a world more risk-averse than ever, opening a bank account has become a challenge. Whether for business or personal reasons, banks are likely to require substantial documentation and information. In most cases, the bank would only accept documents in a particular language, requiring certified and apostilled translations. Getting the necessary documents from foreign institutions is difficult enough. The last thing you want is to have to chase your translation provider.

Transcripta provides quick and on-time multilingual translation services in a fully remote manner, no matter in which part of the world you are located. We use highly qualified native speakers who adhere to the ISO 17100 quality standard.

Translating all sorts

Over the years we have translated documents for iGaming companies, financial institutions, and pharmaceutical companies, amongst many others, as well as countless personal documents for individuals relating to birth, marriage, dissolutions, agreements and all kinds of papers signifying a particular stage in one’s life. Often these documents need to be translated official and certified by a translator in order to be accepted by Maltese authorities.

We stamp and certify our documents proudly, knowing that they represent our best work, every time.