Transcripta is owned and managed by Chris Bezzina and Dr. Alex Spiteri-Gingell. Chris handles production and human resources management, while Alex is responsible for quality assurance and business development. Besides their management duties, they adopt a hands-on approach by monitoring translation quality and providing training and assistance to their translation team.

Project Managers

Our Project Managers are responsible for communicating the client’s requirements to our translators and revisers, and making sure that all projects are delivered on time and to the highest quality level.


Our team of inhouse and external translators covers a wide range of language combinations and subject domains. They all have a University post-graduate degree in translation studies, and are native speakers of the target language. Besides possessing a high level of proficiency in the source language, they are also highly specialised in specific domains, such as legal, EU, financial, pharmaceutical and i-gaming texts. They are rigorously tested for linguistic and technical expertise, and subject to constant evaluation.


All translated documents are thoroughly revised by our inhouse team of experienced revisers, who are well trained to spot any imperfections and add the final quality touch to your translation.