When you’re looking to expand your business to international clients, you cannot afford to get lost in translation. Offering your services in a variety of languages is particularly important in iGaming, and so is the ability to have your website, documents, advertising content and more translated into different languages. This is not a job for a computer program or an amateur translator, however – translation services for iGaming have to come from a professional and reliable source.

In fact, translation for iGaming is done best by translators who already specialise in this industry, and are able to fully comprehend all aspects of online gambling such as casino games, sports betting, and online table games – as well as understand processes such as transactions in online gaming. At Transcripta, every translator has an area of expertise, and we entrust only the most capable iGaming translators available.

Apart from iGaming jargon itself, our translators are fully equipped for the complex task of translating marketing content related to iGaming. Proper translation of solid headlines and catchphrases is crucial for your business, as a poor translation will not have the same effect as the original text. Once you go global, you will need to be wary of misunderstandings and the risks associated with not getting the message across to your audience. Aside from being experts in their languages and in the iGaming industry, our translators are marketing geniuses too.

Make your iGaming business grow

The iGaming world is growing, with new companies cropping up all the time. These innovative companies are thinking big – which means serious competition for your iGaming business. A good way to step up your game is to broaden your audience by increasing the number of languages you provide your services in – as well as putting in place a professional language strategy and multilingual marketing campaign – ahead of your competitors.

Quality translation services are the surest way to generate traffic right to your website. Having multilingual iGaming content will put you a step above your local competitors, and open the doors to various markets around the world. Our translators are aware of all major search engines internationally, as well as international SEO, ensuring you get the maximum effect out of going multilingual.

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At Transcripta, we provide ISO-9001 and EN-17100 quality certified iGaming translation services. Our strict quality assurance procedures ensure that your content is translated accurately and precisely in the languages of all your target markets – using specialised iGaming terminology as necessary. Contact us for a quote today to get started.