Transcripta donates to Teach North Korean Refugees

What is Teach North Korean Refugees

At Transcripta, we’re passionate about languages and believe in the power of the spoken word. That’s why we’ve recently donated to Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR), a non-profit organisation that empowers North Korean refugees through education and activism. There are many reasons why we’ve donated to this cause and why you should consider doing so… Read more »

Why is human translation better than a machine?

Globalisation is responsible for the huge diversity of culture that the entire world is currently experiencing. With this diversity of culture comes great richness in languages and specifically the sharing of languages. More people than ever before are learning a foreign language, not because a school curriculum makes them but because they want to out… Read more »

Job Vacancy: Assistant Project Manager

Situation Vacant: Assistant Project Manager Profile:  We are looking for a highly organised individual with an eye for detail and excellent time-management, multitasking and communication skills. Duties include managing translation requests from order to delivery stage. Minimum Requirements: University Qualification, preferably in Project Management, Office Administration or Translation Studies Excellent command of the English language… Read more »

What does a translation project manager do?

The interesting part about translation project managers is that their job doesn’t always have to do with translation. So if you’re a translator aspiring to become a project manager, it helps to understand that project management involves other exciting stuff of its own. In fact, the requirements necessary to become a translation project manager are… Read more »

Top Reasons Why Working with ISO 17100 Certified Translators Is Essential

Why You Should Only Work with ISO 17100 Certified Translators

The importance of a standard to adhere to when working within the field of translation is impossible to overestimate, since working across different languages requires a firm grip on the process at every step of the way. Without such a stylistic ballast, translators can very easily fall prey to the perennial ‘lost in translation’ problem…. Read more »

Challenges of translating languages that don’t use the Latin alphabet

Translating languages with non-Latin alphabets

Limiting yourself to only European markets means missing out on a whole host of business opportunities: a larger customer base, global growth and a more reputable image. Some companies make the mistake of using only European languages, if they even bother to publish content in a language other than English, yet translating to and from… Read more »

Transcripta participates at MiGS and SiGMA 2016

The importance of high quality translations in the iGaming industry November is when the eyes of the entire iGaming business turn to Malta. Two major gaming conferences take place just one week apart: the Malta iGaming Seminar (MiGS) and SiGMA, both highly regarded events by industry insiders. Two annual appointments for the iGaming world MiGS… Read more »